diverse kids listening to story being read to them

Racial Equity Initiative

Hope and progress – one voice, one person, one family, one community at a time.



As America grapples once again with profound issues regarding race, justice and the treatment of people of color, The Rite Aid Foundation has committed to combat racism and foster more diverse, inclusive and equitable opportunities in communities through a Racial Equity Awareness and Action Initiative that seeks to drive meaningful progress and sustainable change at this critical juncture.


The initiative will invest in organizations, networks and programs that spark renewed dialogue, courage and action across many voices, stakeholders, sectors and communities. The Rite Aid Foundation will provide initial funding to two organizations, EmbraceRace and United Way, each with a mission, focus and reach that can accelerate progress in key areas, through grants of $1 million to both organizations.


Throughout this journey, Rite Aid and The Rite Aid Foundation:

  • Commit to be involved in the response
  • Partner with and learn from leading organizations and voices
  • Create or support forums for real, honest and critical dialogue
  • Bring compassion, understanding and empathy, plus civility and humanity to the process
  • Advance the conversation and galvanize action
  • Prepare for a new tomorrow

The company and foundation will do so with purpose, resolve and urgency in collaboration with other companies, civic institutions, community leaders and nonprofit organizations such as EmbraceRace and United Way.


“The work of realizing the true promise of multiracial democracy in the United States, where everyone feels they belong and where real opportunity exists for all, must start at the youngest ages with our children.”


-          Andrew Grant-Thomas, co-founder of EmbraceRace